How Long Does a Jackery Power Station Last?

How long does a jackery power station last?

The battery life of a jackery power station is determined by the power capacity of the device and which type it is. For example, the jackery explorer 240 can recharge your device more than 18 times, while the explorer 500 can offer you more than 30 recharges before its battery dies.

Generally, jackery power stations last for two to three years, for 500 cycles depending on how often you use your power station. The jackery power stations are the ultimate backup plan in case of power outages, as they keep all your electronic appliances and devices charged. These power stations are portable and hence convenient for carrying around. Additionally, they do not incur additional costs as the maintenance cost is low as they get their power from solar panels. However, when buying a jackery power station, you might be skeptical of its performance and how long it will hold a charge. Read on to learn more about the jackery power station types and their battery life.

What is the battery life of a jackery power station?

As mentioned above, the battery life of these portable power stations is determined by the power they output and which model you are using. However, the general battery life of these batteries before a recharge is estimated to range from three to five days.

Also, the battery life of these power stations can be measured by the number of recharges. Those with high output will recharge your electric devices many times before needing a recharge compared to those with low power output.

Different Jackery Power Stations and number of recharges on different devices

Explorer 1000More than 100 rechargesMore than 12 rechargesMore than 14 hoursMore than 180 recharges
Explorer 500More than 30 rechargesMore than six rechargesMore than 6 hoursMore than 60 recharges
Explorer 240More than 18 rechargesMore than four recharges3 hoursMore than 40 recharges
Explorer 160More than 12 rechargesMore than two rechargesNot applicableMore than 20 recharges

How many years will the jackery power station last?

Averagely, these power stations are designed to last for a period of two to three years. It might retain a 100% battery lifespan for this period. How long does a jackery last is depending on how frequently you use your power station. After three two to three years, its battery power might drop to 80% and keep reducing slowly hence reducing its efficiency. Though your power station will still be usable after this period, it will not have 100% charging power.

What are the factors that affect my jackery power station battery life?

As mentioned above, there are different factors that will determine how long your jackery battery holds power. Some of these factors include;

The battery model of the power station

Different models of the jackery power station charge devices for different periods. For example, as seen above, the jackery explorer 500 can charge your phone more than 30 times while the explore 160 can only charge your phone slightly more than 12 times. The jackery explorer 1000, which has a power capacity of 1002 Wh, lasts for the longest time due to its high power output and input.

The appliances and electronic devices you are charging

As seen above, the different devices you charge using your jackery power station plays a vital role in determining how long your jackery will last. For example, the jackery explorer 500 can charge your TV for seven hours, while the same device can charge your iPhone 8 more than 45 times. Additionally, this same device can recharge your laptop at least seven full times before its battery dies. Additionally, the number of electronic appliances and devices you have plugged in to your jackery power station will affects its battery life.

The shelf life of the battery

If you have used your power station for more than three years, its battery efficiency drops to less than 80%. This efficiency is also affected by how often you use your power station. If you are a frequent user of your power station, it will only take its battery a year and a half before its efficiency drops, and life reduces.

How long will my jackery power station take to recharge?

The time a jackery power station takes to recharge also depends on the battery model. For example, jackery explorer 500 will take more time to recharge fully compared to jackery explorer 1000. Explorer 500 takes approximately 15 hours to recharge if no appliances have been plugged into it. On the other hand, the Explorer 100 will take 7 hours to fully charge when connected to a wall socket.

The Explorer 500 recharges for a longer time because its power capacity is 518Wh hence inputs less power compared to the Explorer 1000, which has a power capacity of 1002Wh. However, it is important to note that the recharge time also depends on the power source you are using. An AC adapter will recharge your jackery power station in 8 hours regardless of the battery model.


There are several ongoing debates about how long a jackery power station can last. This is because as you continue using it, several factors crop up and eventually affect the lifetime of your power station. However, what is indisputable is that these power stations are essential at home as they are the best backup plan in case of any power outages. Additionally, depending on the battery model, they are able to power all electric appliances and devices ranging from TV, smartphones, cameras, and even your smartphone. The number of recharges these power stations can offer mostly depend on the device you are charging and the battery model.


What is the best Jackery power station?

The best jackery power station is definitely the jackery explorer 1000 since it has a large power capacity; hence it will recharge your devices for a long time before needing to be charged.

Can the jackery explore 160 charge my TV?

Unfortunately, no. the power capacity of this jackery power station is too low to power your television regardless of the size.

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