Jackery 300 Vs 500 | 2023 Full Review (Cost/Specs/Analysis)

Currently, the solar generator market is flooded with different brands and manufacturers, making it hard to know the exact brand you can trust.

Jackery 300 Vs 500 Product Review

Jackery has been a constant manufacturer in the solar industry, famous for its continued production of reliable outdoor power stations in different sizes and capacities. Among Jackery’s products are the jackery explorer 300 and jackery explorer 500, which we shall do a review to find out which of the two is the best.

What are the differences between jackery explorer 300 and jackery explorer 500?

ModelExplorer 300Explorer 500
Max solar input90w100w
Capacity 293wh+518wh+
Output300W continuous 500W surge500W continuous 1000W surge
Weight 7.1 lbs13.32 lbs
Battery life500 to 80%500 to 80%
Battery typeLithium -ionLithium -ion
Dimensions 9.1× 5.2×7.8 inches11.84×7.59×9.2 inches
PriceCheck price hereCheck price here

Jackery 300 vs. 500- How do they compare?

Choosing between the two is always a confusing task as they both are excellent machines. However, this review helps you tear them apart and make an informed decision. As we know, jackery has made its mark in its years of production, giving only the best. Both the jackery 300 and 500 are not an exception; with an inbuilt MTTP system as all jackery products possess, both power stations can run at their maximum PowerPoint, facilitating quicker battery recharge.

Despite being the machine with the higher battery capacity, the jackery 500 only consists of a single power outlet, whereas the jackery 300 consists of two power outlets. Also, these machines do not come with a solar panel of their own. Hence you are obliged to buy one, which is not always a welcome idea for many people.

Differences in weight

Being mainly used for outdoor activities like camping, the weight of your power station is always something you need to consider while buying one, as its portability is critical. The jackery explorer 300 weighs just 7.1 pounds which is relatively light given its capacity. This light weight is made possible by its mainly plastic body. Also, it has a handle for easy transport moving. This power station is also small enough to fit in a backpack for easier portability.

On the other hand, the explorer 500 is also relatively light at 13.32 lbs, given its complex make. It also has a black plastic handle that enables easy movement. Aside from being this light, the explorer 500 has excellent capacity and tends to serve more than the explorer 300.

In this category, the explorer 300 takes the lead, as it is lighter than the explorer 500.

Charging capacity

The carrying capacity of solar generators refers to the total amount of electricity generated and stored. How long the battery lasts depends on the power station’s holding capacity; thus, the higher the degree, the longer its battery life.

The jackery explorer 300 runs on a clean lithium eco-friendly battery that can charge up to 80% in just two hours, with the option of recharging from a car, a generator, or a solar panel. This solar generator charges through two chargers simultaneously, the 90w wall charger and 60W USB-PD.This generator can keep your low-charge appliances like drones, fans, cameras, laptops, phones, mini coolers, and TVs charged at all times and can charge up to six devices simultaneously.

Comparatively, the jackery 500 with a 518w capacity can power many devices simultaneously. It has seven ports, 1 Ac outlet,3 USB-A -Ports, 2 DC ports, and a single carport. This way, you can charge devices like mini coolers, laptops, lights, tablets, phones, drones, and fans with ease multiple times over. To add icing to the cake, one can also use this generator while charging safely.

In this category, it is evident that the jackery explorer 500 takes the lead over the explorer 300 as it has a superior battery life compared to the explorer 300.

Jackery 300 vs. 500-Comparison review

Jackery explorer 300 review

If you are looking for an affordable power station that does not compromise reliability and efficiency, this explorer 300 is just the perfect match. Whether you plan to use it either in your outdoor activities or indoors with your family, these power stations are indeed their purpose. However, I would recommend it for a smaller group for the desired experience.

This device has a 293w battery that can charge most of your essential appliances. For instance, it can charge your smartphone 30 times. This power station also takes only 5 hours to charge completely and has several ports; hence you can charge more than a single device simultaneously. Additionally, it has a pure sine wave inverter that protects sensitive devices, overcharge protection, and a standard USB-A -Port.


  • Quite affordable compared to other solar generators
  • Easily portable due to its super lightweight.
  • It has an additional AC port


  • You have to buy a solar panel after purchasing it.

View price on Amazon

View price on Amazon

Jackery explorer 500 review

If you have a group of camping enthusiasts as friends or acquaintances or live in an area with constant power outages, the jackery explorer 500 has got you covered, as you can never go wrong with this beautiful choice. With its super battery of 500w continuous 1000w surge output, this generator can charge all your essential appliances, be it tablets, smartphones, electric blankets, mini-fridges, fans, or laptops, among others.

The outward appearance of this power station is also splendid, black with a touch of orange. Its bodywork is mainly plastic, making it relatively durable and easy to carry around. Having seven ports that allow diverse charging, you do not have to worry about your devices going off, whether you are indoors or outdoors, as you can charge them all at the same time. Also, this device has overcharge protection and takes a maximum of 7.5 hours to charge fully.


  • It has a 518wh battery capacity which makes its battery life longer.
  • One can charge multiple devices at a go
  • It can run several devices simultaneously
  • It has an overcharge protection system


  • It is more expensive compared to similar power stations
  • It takes a lot of time to charge

View price on Amazon

View price on Amazon

Verdict – so which of the two makes the better choice? Jackery 300 or jackery 500?

When buying a solar generator, making the right decision is not always a rosy path, especially when you have little or zero information about what you are looking for. The main feature to consider while buying a station is its charge capacity, as its running is highly dependent on it.

After doing a well-researched and conclusive analysis between the explorer 300 and the explorer 500, I found the jackery explorer 300 to be the better choice between the two because though it has a lower charge capacity, it is easily portable and can fit in a backpack, more cost-efficient, takes lesser time to charge and can also charge multiple devices at a go.


Can you jump-start a car using the jackery explorer 500?

No, you cannot jumpstart your car using this power station. However, you can use it to charge your car, provided you have the correct output cables.

What can I use my jackery 300 to do?

Jackery 300 can be used for short camping trips and emergency power outages as it has a 293Wh power charge capacity, which can power small appliances and charge a maximum of 6 devices simultaneously.

What are the alternatives for these two solar generators?

If you want an alternative that functions just as well, you can look into Bluetti AC50 and Bluetti AC50S.

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