About Us


On Wattsourcer we aim to offer our consumers the best solar solutions for households all across the globe. Our goal is to improve the lives of homeowners, campers, and even off-grid power enthusiasts. We help many people get the best prices on portable solar generators with our well-abled team that works around the clock to provide green energy solutions for you.

Climate change is a global issue that continues to affect us by creating rising sea levels, extreme weather, higher temperatures, and more. For this reason, we need to discover sustainable solutions to our daily routines. Portable solar generators are part of the solution since they help us to create and store renewable energy while reducing the emission of harmful gases to the environment.

Our platform provides detailed information about the best portable solar generators while showing authentic customer reviews that will guide interested buyers on the right solar solutions. We look at the current market trends, preferences, and pocket-friendly solar generator solutions and then advise our audience accordingly.

Wattsourcer reviews different portable solar generators, talking about their pros and cons together with their prices on the market. We will give detailed information on what people need to look out for when buying these energy-saving generators. Our customers will also be lucky to get DIY guides on installing these solar generators without any challenges.

This site will keep you updated with our buying guides on the best solar generators for you in the market. It will also give consistent customer reviews that inform you about what you need and do not. Not to forget blog posts to entertain and educate as well as our resource and learning center that provides answers to various questions on solar generators.