Best Solar Panel Kits for Shed, Find out (2023 Guide)

The Best Solar Panel Kit for Shed

We can all agree that energy (especially electricity) is pretty expensive, and if you have a shed that runs many power tools, solar might be the best direction in which to go. So, what are the best solar panel kits for sheds, and why?

Solar technology has, over the last couple of decades, come a long way. Today, kits are engineered to harness power using even the smallest panels. There are many choices from which to pick, but when you have a shed that requires a certain amount of energy for multiple activities, it is important that you pick a kit that will deliver as much power as your tools demand, even in harsh weather. We have compiled a list and detailed breakdown of some of the best and most efficient kits for small and big sheds that would be great for you. Here goes.

The Best Solar Panel Kits for Shed Comparison Table

Model NameWattage Voltage Price
Solperk 200W 12V Solar Panel Kit200 Watts12VBuy Here
Eco-Worthy 1200 Watt 24V Solar Panel Kit1200 Watts24VBuy Here
Suner Power 50W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel Kit50 Watts12VBuy Here
Renogy 200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Starter Kit200 Watts12VBuy Here

The Best Solar Panel Kits for Shed Products Review

Solperk 200W 12V Solar Panel Kit – Ideal for average power tools

SOLPERK - Buying Guide | GistGear

If you have a shed whose tools do not demand overly high energy to run, this pair of solar panels is likely one of the best fits for you. It has a high energy rating, and each panel can power its own battery.

Key features

  • Comes with two solar panels
  • Has an energy rating of 24%
  • Ideal for small hand appliances
  • The grid is expandable
  • Waterproof controller

One of the reasons why this is an easy favorite for me is just how easy to it to install and use, as well as how efficient it is at its job. The Solperk 200W 12V Solar Pane Kit has the capacity to harness and store enough power to run a shed that has many small power tools such as drills and the like.

With a 24% energy efficiency rating, you can expect a good amount of energy from this kit. It comes with two solar panels, and each of them has a wattage of 100W. Each of the panels has the capacity to charge up a 12V solar battery which is pretty commendable. If, however, this energy is not enough for you, you can expand the grid to increase the level of energy you harness.

Apart from being energy efficient, this kit is built to be strong and robust. It can withstand extremely harsh weather conditions. The manufacturer guarantees 10 years of use with no serious issues and with the same efficiency as when new. In addition, this solar power kit comes with a waterproof controller that also has the ability to sufficiently protect the batteries from water damage.

To help you increase sunlight reception, this kit comes with an adjustable bracket that allows you to shift the panels’ positions so as to increase the energy harnessed. This kit is also pretty affordable.

What we liked;

  • Comes with two solar panels
  • Strong and sturdy build that can withstand harsh weather
  • The kit is highly efficient
  • Has a waterproof controller
  • Comes with an adjustable bracket

What we did not like;

  • You would need many panels to make a large grid


Simple as this kit looks, it delivers a strong and sturdy build, and it has the ability to sufficiently power a small shed with average tools. It is also pretty affordable, a characteristic that adds to its advantages.

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Eco-Worthy 1200 Watt 24V Solar Panel Kit – Best suited for large sheds with large tools

If you run a commercial shed that depends on loads of power, this may be something of a good fit to help you reduce your day-to-day power consumption. If your shed is not too large, you can use some of the energy to supplement your home’s power.

Key features

  • Best suited for off-grid locations
  • Comes with a large 10A fuse for protection
  • Has two large solar panels
  • Easy to set up
  • Can charge a 24V battery
  • Fitted with anti-backflow diodes

One of the reasons why this high wattage solar kit is convenient and popular is the fact that it has the capacity to deliver loads of energy, making it sufficient for small to average off-grid homes and sheds that run high power tools. With it, you get up to 6 solar panels that are able to harness enough energy to power a 24V battery which is pretty good.

Apart from the solar panels, this kit comes with other components that make installation and use a lot easier for customers. The kit, for starters, comes with a combiner box that makes it easy for you to increase the size of the grid and the total amount of energy harnessed. In addition, it has two shape mount brackets that help to secure the panels in place, and 16-foot cables that have connectors.

For durability, the solar panels are built using high-quality materials that allow them to withstand extremely harsh conditions, eliminating the need for you to replace them every so often. The panels can, for this reason, last a solid decade without much trouble. For safety, the kit comes with a large 10A fuse for each of the strings, as well as anti-backflow diodes.

If you prefer to do the installation yourself, you will not have much trouble. The kit comes with a detailed manual that walks you through the process, but it is recommended that you seek the advice and help of a professional if you have never done an installation before.

What we liked;

  • Provides lots of energy
  • Great for off-grid locations
  • Comes with many safety features
  • Easy to install
  • It is durable and can withstand extreme conditions

What we did not like;

  • This kit is expensive


If you have more to power than just a tool shed, this is possibly the best match for you. With it, you can power appliances such as the fridge or house AC, and it will help you bring your total power bill by quite some.

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Suner Power 50W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel Kit – Best suited for smaller sheds

Presenting a total wattage of 50 watts, this solar panel kit proves ideal for a shed with a few power hand tools. It combines efficiency, affordability, and durability to deliver great value for money.

Key features

  • Ideal for small low-power appliances
  • Comes with one solar panel
  • 3-stage charging algorithm for ore efficiency
  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with solar surge controller

Small as this kit is, it proves efficient to handle minor duties such as providing enough power to light your shed or to power a few hand appliances such as small drills. One of the characteristics that stand out the most is the fact that it is a pretty affordable kit, and that proves very easy to install, even for non-professionals.

The Suner Power 50W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel Kit is built to be pretty strong and durable, allowing it the ability to withstand all sorts of weather conditions over a long period of time. This, along with its efficiency and price point, translates into real value for money for its buyers.

Apart from these characteristics, this solar kit offers a number of safety features that make operating it quite easy. For starters, it is fitted with a power surge controller that makes sure that excess power does not damage your tools or the actual kit system. It also has a work time setting that allows it to automatically stop delivering power once dusk sets in.

Even though it does not come with its own mounting brackets, this solar kit is made to be compatible with almost all brackets in the market. This, along with the fact that it has a pretty small solar panel, makes installation a lot easier, even for first timers.

What we liked;

  • Offers great value for money
  • Very easy to install
  • Comes with many safety features
  • Very affordable
  • Strong and durable

What we did not like;

  • The power output is very low
  • It does not come with its own installation brackets


If you are looking to get your hands on a solar kit that is sufficient for a power tool or two, or for a task as simple as lighting your tool shed, this is easily one of the best matches for you. It is durable, efficient, and affordable.

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Renogy 200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel Starter Kit Best suited for medium-sized sheds

Even though this solar kit is last on our list, it is easily one of the best and most efficient solar kits in the market currently, especially for sheds. It comes with an elaborate kit that offers everything you need for the proper installation and functioning of a solar kit.

Key features

  • Comes with two solar panels
  • Fitted with a surge controller
  • Ideal for medium-sized sheds and tools
  • Allows for expansion to up to 400 Watts
  • Comes with 8-foot long cable for easy connection
  • Has a 21% energy efficiency rating

Made by one of the most popular companies where solar energy is concerned, this solar panel kit is an ideal choice for anyone with a medium-sized shed and low-power tools such as drills. While it does not offer enough power to run your home, it offers a good amount to run a few tools and even light your shed.

One of the features that stand out the most about it is the fact that it is made to be strong and durable. The kit comes with two solar panels that are made using very strong and durable material that can last through very harsh weather conditions without compromising on efficiency. This feature, along with its working efficiency, allows you good value for your money.

When it comes to user as well as its own safety, this solar kit comes with multiple safety features. It has a power surge controller which keeps excess power from damaging it, the tools you use, or the light to which it is connected in case of a power surge. This same controller makes it possible for you to add other solar panels so as to increase its capacity to 400W.

Apart from being pretty efficient and durable, this solar kit proves quite affordable. You will not have to part with an arm and a leg to power your shed along with your tools. Also, the fact that it is both easy to install and expandable add to its advantages.

What we liked;

  • You can expand the grid to 400 Watts with ease
  • Comes with a surge controller
  • It is strong and durable
  • Easy to install
  • High energy efficiency

What we did not like;

  • Not ideal for high power tools


If you have a medium-sized shed with a few power tools and are looking for something affordable with which to go, this could easily be the best match for you.

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Buying a Solar Kit for Shed – What to consider

Size of the shed

The kit you end up choosing is largely influenced by the size of your shed. If you have a large one with many power tools, make sure that you get a kit that comes with enough power to run it.

Solar kit capacity

Go for a kit that can fit your energy needs. If you want to power both your shed and home at the same time, you might want to consider getting a solar kit that can amply supply both your home and the shed.


Most kits do not come cheap, but you can find exceptional kits at pretty decent prices. Some big brands may cost less, but you may land on something even better at a lower price point if you look hard enough.


If you are looking to get a solar panel kit for your shed, you have taken the right step towards going green. Do, however, conduct ample research to know what suits your needs best. You can go on and pick a kit from our list depending on how much power you need, and we can bet you will not be disappointed.

FAQ Section

How long can the Suner Power 50W Monocrystalline 12V Solar Panel Kit last before needing replacement?

This kit can last a good 10 to 15 years with proper care before requiring replacement.

What is the daily output of the Eco-Worthy 1200 Watt 24V Solar Panel Kit?

It has an average daily output of 4KWh which is pretty decent.

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