Best Solar Generator for Refrigerator 2023: Top 5 Picks

Are you looking for a portable generator and an alternative power source for your refrigerator and other homer appliances? There exist several options of brands in the current market that are specifically abled to power your “preservative” buddy with solar as the main source of their power.

For about three months in a foreign country, I had been on a search for an alternative power source for my home appliances, having been posted on official duties away from home, to an area with very little electricity coverage. In my search, I was keen to find a solar-powered generator that could power nearly all our appliances, especially my refrigerator which has previously suffered an electric fault for not being compatible with the power supply then. The cost of repairing a broken refrigerator is higher than choosing the best means to power it to prevent a fault. That I learned by experience. So, I launched a search for a pocket-friendly, easy-to-use, efficient and refrigerator-safe solar generator for my new home and came up with quite an interesting list.

The Best Solar Generator for Refrigerator

Product NameVoltageGenerator WeightProduct Stats
Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 100011022 poundsCheck Product here
Goal Zero Yetti 10001231.68 poundsCheck Product here
Rockpals 250-watt Portable Generator2305.95 poundsCheck Product here
Duracell PowerSource Quiet Gasless Portable11557.9 poundsCheck product here

The 5 Best Solar Generator for refrigerator

After compiling a list of my 4 best solar generators for refrigerators, here is a detailed description of all the sampled ones for this purpose. We will look into the magnitude of their output, considering the good and bad that they each possess.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000 – Best suited for camping with full size Refrigerators

Jackery Solar Generator 500, 518WH Power Station with SolarSaga100W Solar  Panel, Mobile Lithium Battery Pack for Holiday RV Camping, Outdoor  Adventure, Emergency : Garden & Outdoors

First, on the list, this is known to be the most suitable portable solar-powered generator for your full-size refrigerator or mini-fridge. Its qualities make it perfect for outdoor camping activities as well as areas with limited electricity-powered access. With a combination of 2000W and 1002Wh, it gives power more than enough to run a minifridge and other selected home appliances. Additionally, this solar generator has the following properties;

Made with MPPT Technology capable of getting more photovoltaic (PV) power at over 30% from the Jackery Portable Power Station solar generator.

  • It weighs just 22 lbs, making it a light and portable generator to use on the move.
  • It is capable of serving you for a consistent 7 hours or 14 hours from an AC outlet or 12V carports respectively.

Overall, when considering the best Solar powered generator for your refrigerator, this generator should be top of your considerations.

Key features

  • Charging time of up to 8 hours
  • Comes with an AC adapter
  • Has professional MTTP Technology
  • Comes with a car charger cable
  • Has a 3 standard PURE SINE WAVE AC outlet

The physical attributes of this hand-held generator give it a plus when it comes to its ease of handling. It has a handle right at the top of the generator, guaranteeing ease of access and portability by hand. It is also 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 inches in Length, Width, and Height in dimension.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Additional adapters
  • Can be used as a power source for other appliances other than refrigerators.
  • Operates quietly
  • Durable


  • This solar generator does not have a backlight.


For someone whose life involves a lot of camping or activities that have them, nomad, from one place to another with outdoor activities, this would be a good fit for their power needs, especially for the min-fridges. On Amazon, you can get this generator for $849.99.

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Goal Zero Yetti 1000 – Ideal for most Mobile usage

Second, on the list is Goal Zero Yetti 1000. It has a standard dimension of 15.25″L x 9.86″W x 10.23″H. At a weight of 31.68 pounds, it gives a fairly good amount of energy to power refrigerators and other smaller home appliances. This generator comes with a rolling cart that allows you to move it around your house or property for service during a power outage. It has a capacity of 1200Wh, capable of supplying your electricity needs for a relatively long period. Below are some of its key features

Key features

  • Comes with a rolling cart
  • Has an additional USB port, 12V Carport, and a 12V Power pole port
  • Has 13 an AC Inverter
  • Comes with a charging port
  • Its charge time lasts at least 9 hours
  • Purchased with an AGM lead acid battery
  • Its capacity stands at 1200Wh.


  • Powers multiple devices
  • All the solar panels you need to power this solar generator are provided at purchase.
  • It is powerful.


  • It takes too long to recharge.
  • You will need to assemble it before using it by yourself.


As much as this solar generator will give you the required power to aid your refrigerator, its cons cut its pros almost by half. It’s heavier than most portable solar generators and its recharge time is relatively longer. On a budget, it would still fit its purpose. On Amazon, it is currently unavailable.

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Rockpals 250-watt Portable Generator – Best suited for outdoor adventure

This is considered an ultra-lightweight generator that serves consumers who do not need monster kinds of energy for refrigerators and other home appliances. At just 5.95 pounds, you can use this solar-powered generator to power a mini-fridge. Its power capacity treads at 84,800 mAh. Owing to its pure sine wave inverter, this generator is known to operate in utter silence.

Aesthetically, the rockpals 250-watt portable generator looks nice and compact. It boasts of a blend of orange and black coloring that makes it blend with several environments and surroundings, as opposed to being so exposed. Some of its key features include;

Key features

  • Has a charging time of 8 hours
  • Its running time is between 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the refrigerator and the number of devices being powered
  • It has 2 USB ports
  • Comes with a pure sine wave converter
  • A car cable charger is included at purchase
  • Weighs 5.95lbs


  • Tiny but powerful
  • Durable parts
  • Lightweight
  • Can power multiple devices


  • Unable to power larger appliances.


If you are only interested in a generator that is cozy, lightweight, and to power your refrigerator for just a short period, then this is the best solar-powered generator to choose from. It is a perfect fit for tiny, presentable yet powerful to suit your power need. Bought at Amazon, this generator will cost you.

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Duracell PowerSource Quiet Gasless Portable – Ideal for Calm quiet environments

When it comes to convenience and efficiency in powering refrigerators, the Duracell Powersource Quiet Gasless Portable is one among the first stops. Sometimes known as Duracell Powersource 666, this order is capable of powering up full-sized refrigerators.

From 4 plug sockets, this generator is made to power up to 4 devices. Additionally, this generator has an LCD that shows the Powersource. This indicates whether the unit is recharging from AC or solar power. It has an output section that indicates how much power is being drawn from the generator. The last of the sections is called the Level section which indicates how much power is left in the unit (generator). Some of the most notable features of this Generator are as shown;

Key features

  • Comes with an LCD Display
  • Has a charging time of up to 10 hours
  • When powering a full-sized generator, it lasts for 5 hours
  • Weighs 57.9 pounds
  • It has 4 AC outlets
  • It is purchased with an Anderson Connector
  • Has a 660-watt-hour battery capacity


  • Portable.
  • Quiet.
  • Durable.


  • No solar panels provided.


When ranking this solar-powered generator among the best that can be used to power refrigerators, it is among the few that can power full-sized refrigerators with the least amount of effort and with very little charge times.

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Buying a Solar generator for refrigerators

When on a quest to purchase a solar-powered generator for your refrigerator, it is important to consider all factors that make the type of generator you are looking for worth the task for which you intend to use it. That way, you will be purchasing a product that meets your budget, and needs and is efficient to use. Some of these factors include;

Battery Capacity

Be in the knowledge of the battery capacity of the generator you are purchasing. This will save you the emergency of insufficient energy to power your refrigerator after confidence in knowing that your fridge will be sorted and n time. You should consider the power rating of the generator. This is what determines the amount of energy that the generator will be emitting to aid your refrigerator.

Note however that power rating and the battery capacity may vary. If a generator has a lower power rating, with a high battery capacity.


The power that a solar generator produces is by far the most important factor to be considered. To decide on what amount of power you need from your refrigerator, you have to largely consider the need for the refrigerators.

If your goal is to power a full-sized refrigerator for long periods because of an electric outage, you will certainly need a generator that generates enough or more power to do so. In the hierarchy of these generators, those that power mini-fridges cannot be compared to the generators that power full-sized refrigerators.

For instance, a solar panel can only run a refrigerator for a short span and a battery would also be needed for efficient performance. A 100-watt generator cannot consistently power a refrigerator.

As a customer, if the refrigerator being powered is a full-sized fridge, its charging may take close to a whole day. For this, you will need a power of up to 2000 watt-hours.

Size and Weight

As is looking for a portable solar-powered generator for a refrigerator the weight and size will ultimately define the portability of the device heavy generators discourage portability. Also, the size of a generator may sometimes determine the level of power that the generator can give. Some of these generators weigh over 100lbs. On the other hand, you might get solar generators as light at 5 lbs. Others weigh just 5lbs. for optimum satisfaction in using a generator that well fits your requirement, goes for the one that embraces your mobility.

If you have intentions of using the generator in outdoor activities such as camping, you should be choosy enough to select a refrigerator that fits your needs. A generator heavy at 100lbs definitely would not make sense for a mobile kind of consumer.

As a consumer who will maintain the location of the generator or fridge at home, you certainly will overlook the weight but the size will matter to provide the required energy or to store enough.

Before purchasing a generator for your fridge, it’s equally important to have an idea of where the generator will be placed. This is determined by the left space in your setup, r the possibility to have the refrigerator and the generator sharing a spot.


It is key to consider the type of inverter the generator you are after contains. The inverters in the solar generator convert DC from the solar panels to AC. Currently, in the market, the best in the world of inverters you can buy is the pure sine wave inverter because it is the most efficient. It is also the most expensive.

If you can afford a generator with this inverter, we recommend you do, but if money is tight then you should look for a generator that has a different inverter.

Battery Type

Different battery types are used. Lead-acid and lithium-ion are the most standard types. Lithium is lightweight and often used to power tools, whereas lead-acid batteries are better for powering things like automobiles.

Charge Controller

Checking for a three-power point tracking (MPPT) is a commendable consideration when looking for the best solar generator.

What to look for

When purchasing an electrical appliance, especially equipment like generators, it is important to consider all the technical and functional controls as shown above.


In choosing a generator for your refrigerators, consider the size of the refrigerators, the efficiency of the generator in question together with the price and the power you get. If you are a travel and camping junkie, then a solar-powered portable refrigerator is a must-have. From the list shared, the most efficient, pocket friendly, and suitable for most refrigerator needs would be the Jackery Portable Power Station solar generator and the Rockpals-250-watt portable Solar Generator.


How long do solar generators last?

Depending on the brand and the quality of the generator, most of them last up to between 25 – 35 years while still serving. This is also relative to how good you are at taking care of the equipment.

Is a solar generator a good investment for a Refrigerator

At the time of purchase, you might get the understanding that it is costly. However, in the long run, it is an alternative to recurring electricity bill.

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