Patriot Solar-Powered Portable Generator 1500 Review (2023): Should You Get It?

Solar-powered generators are efficient and economical as they do not incur additional costs once bought, unlike gasoline generators. If you are thinking of purchasing the Patriot Solar Powered Portable generator 1500, here is a detailed review.

To get the best solar generators in the market, you should look for the following features; a powerful and efficient charge and a high-capacity integrated solar battery. When I was looking for a generator, my dad suggested a solar generator as its maintenance cost was low.

Additionally, though I was not looking for a very powerful generator, we wanted one that was efficient and met our needs well. The Patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500 served us well and met our expectations. This generator can light your house while charging other devices. Therefore, I decided to prepare this article to help you decide if you are considering buying the Patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500.

Patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500 Review and Breakdown

The patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500 is an incredible device as it derives its never-ending fuel supply from the sun via portable solar panels. This generator is well-known in the market mainly because of its lightweight, making it portable.

Additionally, this generator comes with a lithium-iron-phosphate battery, a compact generator that runs on a safe, and a commercial-grade solar panel. We really liked this device mainly because of its short charging time. It only takes three and a half hours for this generator to be completely full.

Furthermore, this generator offers up to 1500 power watts; hence you can be able to charge several devices as well as light your house at the same time. What was also impressive about this device is that it can power your freezer or fridge in case of a power outage.

However, we did not like its small battery capacity of only 500 Watts and 150 watts of solar panel inputs. Furthermore, this device has few plugs and is not expandable with other batteries. It does not have a capability to charger capability and is not equipped with an MMPT controller to improve its efficiency.

What we liked

  • It has a charge time of three and a half hours
  • Can offer you light while charging other devices
  • It has a strong lithium-iron-phosphate battery

What we did not like

  • Has limited plugs
  • The small battery capacity of only 500 Watts
  • It cannot charge your car
  • It lacks an MPPT controller that could improve its efficiency.

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Patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500 Specifications

Model Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1500
Battery capacity 500W
Solar input 240W
Inverter surge 3000W
Inverter size 1500W
Solar input type Anderson
Battery Voltage 12V
Key features It has a recharge of 6 months, has a strong lithium-iron battery, and has 2AC/wall outlets of 120v.
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Patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500 Features

Design and Build

At first glance, this generator seems like a capable solar-powered generator. It comes with a power inverter, several output ports to enable you to charge several devices simultaneously, and a built-in deep cycle battery. The Patriot Solar Powered Portable Generator 1500 weighs 38 lbs; hence you can easily move around with it. This generator is made of a durable lithium-iron-phosphate battery of 500W.

However, the battery capacity for this generator is a bit small for its price range. This generator also comes with a 240 Watts solar input that can limit you from expanding your array.

Speed and Performance

The speed and performance of this generator are great for its price. This device can comfortably light your house and charge other devices simultaneously. Additionally, it can power your freezer or fridge for approximately 3 hours and more, depending on whether you are using it to power or charge other devices.

However, the performance of this device is mainly limited due to its small battery capacity of 500 Watts. Furthermore, the efficiency of this device is a bit below standard as it does not have the MMPT controller to improve it. Also, this generator has little output, limiting the devices you can power using at a particular time.

Connection and User-friendliness

The Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1500 is very easy to use. It comes with a manual that makes operating and connecting it very easy. Furthermore, the ports and plugs that come with this solar generator are easy to navigate through. Additionally, powering devices using this generator is also pretty straightforward. Therefore, anyone can operate this generator without necessarily requiring a professional to help you out.

Are there alternatives to the Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1500?

Yes, there are several solar-powered generators in the market of the same quality as the Patriot Solar Powered generator 1500 or even higher quality. Some of the alternatives to this generator include; the 4Patriot Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1800, the EcoFlow Delta generator, and the Bluetti AC200 MAX Solar generator.

Features of alternatives Solar Powered Generators

Model 4Patriots Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1800 EcoFlow Delta generator Bluetti AC200 MAX Solar Generator
Battery capacity 652wh 1300wh 2048 Wh/ 3072 Wh
Solar input 240W 400W 900W
Inverter surge 3048W 3300W 2200W
Inverter size 1800W 1800W 1800W
Solar input type Anderson MC4 AC
Battery Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Key features It comes with a one-year warranty, recharge of 6 months, weighs 46 lbs, and the LifePo4 battery is durable. It has a recharge of 1 year, comes with a two-year warranty, has a large capacity battery, and weighs 31 lbs. It comes with two expansion batter ports and 16 power outlets, and each compatible expansion battery module has input charge ports separately.
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Verdict: So, should you buy the Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1500?

Yes, if you are not looking for a very powerful generator, then the Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1500 will definitely suit your needs. This solar generator has a short charging time of three and a half hours hence making it very efficient. The downside of this generator that makes it less powerful is its small battery capacity of only 500 Watts.

You can find solar generators of higher battery capacity for the same price as this generator. However, trying this generator out would not be a bad idea as it comes with a 365-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Therefore, if you are not impressed with the specifications and authenticity of this generator, you can return it and get your full money back, except for shipping costs.


How long can my Patriot Solar Power generator run my fridge?

Though the producers say that this generator can run your fridge for approximately 16 hours, it is less than that, practically depending on the size of your freezer or fridge and also if you are powering other items at the same time.

How long will my Patriot Solar Powered Generator Last?

These generators are of high quality and might serve you for 25 to 35 years, depending on how you maintain them.

Is it worth buying a Patriot Solar Powered Generator 1500?

Yes, it is definitely worth it as this generator does not have additional costs of running compared to generators powered by gasoline.

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