How Much Is The Patriot Power Generator?

How much is the patriot power generator

The patriot power generator 1800 will cost you $2,497 when you buy it from the company’s official website. It is important to note that the price will vary depending on the different models of the patriot power generators. According to the company, this generator is among their best-selling generator. You should expect the price of the patriot generator to vary depending on where you are buying it from.

My mum hates the inconveniences that come with power outages since she works online, and all her devices need to have power at all times. She, therefore, decided that we should invest in a generator that would serve the whole family in case of any outages. After in-depth research on which generator to buy, we settled on the patriot power generator.

What we love most about this generator is that it comes with a solar panel kit. This makes it generate backup power at home without heavily relying on the primary power grid. Additionally, we opted for it as it is safer than gas generators and robust. However, before investing in this generator, you should know about it and what makes its price a bit high-end. Read on to find out more about the patriot power generator.

What are the key features of the patriot power generator?

The main feature of this generator is that it comes with a solar panel kit and is powered by solar panels. It is also equipped with two charging options to power the AC outlet and the solar panel charging. If you are wondering what the free solar kit includes, here you have it. This kit comes with a patriot power cell, solar air lantern, USB battery kit, solar panel extension cord, HaloXT flashlight, a kettle with a water purification system, a blackout-survival library, and a 72-hour survival food kit.

The patriot power generator 1800 is an upgrade of the patriot 1500, which was recalled. Additionally, this panel has several output ports, including regular power outputs, one dc output that can act like a car charger, one emergency output, and 4 USB outputs. When using the AC outlet to charge, it takes this generator approximately 3 hours to fully charge and 10 hours when using the solar panels. The output capability of this generator at optimum is 1800 W, just as its name suggests.

Consequently, though the manufacturer of this generator describes it as lightweight, this generator weighs 40 lbs. That is quite heavy and is something we did not like about this generator. What we liked most about this generator is that it can charge eight different appliances simultaneously. This is very convenient and suitable for someone with several appliances or a large family.

Is the patriot power generator worth buying?

Yes, though this generator might break your bank account a little bit, depending on your financial status, it is worth buying. The first thing that makes this generator outstanding and worth your coins is that it is powered by solar panels that get their charge direct from the sun. This is not only convenient and safe to use, but also minimizes maintenance costs that come with having a generator.

A gas generator is quite expensive to maintain as gas alone can cost you up to $200 per week. Additionally, it makes it safe to be used indoors as it is quiet and does not produce fumes. Also, according to the manufacturer, the patriot power generator has 2500 cycles which is quite the deal for any generator. Though this generator has some cons, it is a good investment, and you should only purchase it depending on what you want.

What are the pros and cons of the patriot power generator?

Every equipment has pros and cons, which is no different from a patriot power generator. Therefore, if you are stuck between purchasing this generator and any other, then go through the pros and cons carefully to make your decision. Choosing a high-quality product when it comes to a generator is vital, as you cannot afford to have your generator fail while facing power outages. Below are the pros and cons of the patriot solar generator;

Pros Cons
LightweightIt is expensive
Powered by solarNot expandable and compatible with other batteries
You get a one-year money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product.It can be noisy when put in a hot environment due to the cooling fans.
It can output up to 1800 W; depending on which one you buyHas no MPPT controller that can help to increase its efficiency
Comes with a free solar kit with a solar panel extension cord of 25 feet.Only comes with 2 AC outlets
120-volt outlets, including 4 USB portsHas no RV connection

From the above table, it is clear that the manufacturers of this product ensure you have everything you need to start using it immediately. Additionally, the full one-year money-back guarantee makes trying out this product an easy decision to make, as you can always get your money back if it doesn’t meet your preferences and standards. The many power outlets that come with this generator make it convenient to have, as you can charge several devices simultaneously. Therefore, the roughly $2500 is not too much to ask for when it comes to the patriot power generator considering the pros of having this generator.


The decision as to whether to purchase a Patriot Power generator depends on the features that you are looking for. Suppose the price is a significant factor when buying a generator. In that case, the patriot power generator might not be among your first options as it costs $2,497, which some people consider too much for a generator. However, if you want a long-lasting product that can charge multiple devices, is quiet and is powered by solar, this generator might excite you. However, it comes with its cons too, and you should weigh and see if it can perform effectively to suit your needs before buying it.


How long does it take to charge the patriot power generator fully?

While using solar panels will take around 10 hours to charge this generator and 3 to 4 hours while using the AC outlet.

Can the patriot power generator run a house?

Yes, this generator can run a house as it has a high power output wattage and comes with several output ports.

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