Honda EU2000i Generator Review (2023): What You NEED to Know

For the longest time, Honda has never disappointed in creating sturdy machines that deliver your ultimate contentment without fail. One of their meticulous works is the Honda EU2000i generator.

A robust and reliable generator is always the main aim of any buyer, whether for camping and tailgating or just as a power backup for their home during power outages. Purchasing the perfect generator is not always easy, especially when you have little or no know-how about what features to look out for. This article is a detailed review of the EU2000i generator that will give you an idea of what to look for when buying one. Read on to find out if this generator suits your needs.

Honda EU2000i overview

Combining quality and performance, the EU2000i is your go-to generator if you are a camping or tailgating enthusiast. This is because it is small, meticulously portable, and runs for 4 hours on a full tank without glitches. It is incredibly fuel efficient, consuming very little compared to its competitors in the market and producing minimal noise. In addition, the generator is fitted with inverter technology. Hence you don’t have to worry about pollution on your camping getaways, as it only runs on clean energy.

What we liked

  • It is easily portable
  • It is made of durable material and is very sturdy
  • it has inverter technology
  • It is fuel efficient
  • Low noise levels
  • It has a three years warranty
  • It is reliable

What we did not like

  • It is quite expensive
  • It does not have a fuel gauge

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Honda EU2000i generator the specifications

Item Specifications
Engine Honda GX 100
DC output 12v 96w(8A)
Starting system Recoil
Fuel tank capacity 1.1 gal
Run time per tankful 4hrs rated load 9.6hrs@1/4 loaded
Dry weight 46.3 lbs
Warranty 3 years
Noise level 59dB (A)

Honda EU2000i features

Design and built

The EU2000i exterior combines red and black, giving it a dashing look. The design is simple and practical, making using it more manageable. The generator starting system is made of a recoil start that quickly gets the machine running with only a single pull. Also, it entails an eco-throttle that minimizes noise and optimizes fuel consumption while using it. The Honda has a powerful engine super GX 100, enabling it to have stable power output, powering simultaneous devices all over your home. Being an inverter generator, it is compatible with almost any appliance you may have at home.

In addition, the generator’s body mainly comprises plastic, making the generator very light and easy to move around. The plastic material also gives the generator a long shelf life of 20 years and at least 3000 hours of service. Also, it has ports for parallel connectivity.

Power output

The power output is always the essential feature in every generator purchase, as it generally determines its performance. Honda understood this and did its very best with the EU2000i. It runs on 1600 watts, with a peak power of 2000 watts, powering your appliances simultaneously without any glitches. Surprisingly, this generator worked even when pushed to its maximum power, making it stand out from the rest. Though you may find the fuel tank capacity super low at a glance, we were shocked by its efficiency.

The generator ran for 6 hours with a 30% load and had no power malfunction. We found it generally modest as it powered all the essential appliances when we tested it like television, fridge, microwave, cooker, AC and others simultaneously. However, if you need more power, it also has ports where you can connect it to another Honda generator for more power. We, however, felt that the generator would have had a larger fuel tank.


For camping enthusiasts, a generator’s portability is something they never overlook, as who wants to carry around a heavy machine? The EU2000i is the dream of every camper and tailgater. Made mainly of plastic throughout its body, the generator attains an admirable dry weight of only 46.3 lbs. This incredible weight makes it very easy to carry and move around.


More often than not, people purchase generators but later regret it due to the large amount of noise they produce when working. However, with the EU 2000i, all this is old news. It is super quiet while functioning, and you can barely notice it. When we tested it, it only produced 59 dB of noise throughout the test. This noise is as low as a whisper, which I found super intriguing.

Alternatives to Honda EU2000i

Though the Honda Eu2000i is an all-time favorite generator, you may lack satisfaction or prefer higher or lower performance, depending on your preference. For this reason, the Honda EU2200i, WEN 56200i 2000 inverter generator, and westing house 2200 super quiet and lightweight inverter generator are all capable alternatives you could check out. You can also check out my Honda EU2200i Review for more details about the new Honda Generator model. The EU2200i model was launched nationwide and is even better than the previous discontinued model.

Model Item Specifications
Honda EU 2200i Engine

DC output

Starting system

Fuel tank capacity

Noise levels

Dry weight


12v 100w(8.3a)


0.95 gallons

62 decibels


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WEN 56200i 2000 inverter generator Engine

DC output

Starting system

Fuel tank capacity

Noise levels

Dry weight

4- stroke OHV

12 v


1 gallon

51 decibels

50 lbs

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Westing house 2200 super quiet and lightweight inverter generator Engine

DC output

Starting system

Fuel tank capacity

Noise levels

Dry weight

4 stroke engine



1.14 gallons

52 decibels

46 lbs

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Verdict: So, should you buy the Honda EU2000i?

After a detailed review of the Honda EU2000i, I would say that it is a must-have generator that gives you value for your money by delivering the best performance without fail. Also, it is a strong and sturdy generator that can single-handedly power multiple appliances simultaneously. Therefore, whether the power just went out or you are out camping, Honda EU2000i has always got you covered!


Does Honda still make the EU2000i?

No, the production of the Honda EU2000i was discontinued in 2018. It, however, is still available for purchase in the market.

Are Honda and predator generators similar?

No, they are different models. Though they have minimal differences, predator generators vary in that they have a slightly higher fuel tank capacity than Honda generators.

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