Honda EU2200i Review

Power outages can happen unexpectedly, leaving you in the dark and without electricity. A reliable backup power source can make all the difference in these situations. That’s where generators come in. 

Among the many generator options on the market today, the Honda EU2200i stands out for its compact size, quiet operation, and impressive power output.

 With a maximum output of 2,200 watts, this portable generator is powerful enough to run essential household appliances during a blackout yet quiet enough for camping or outdoor events.

In 2018, Honda launched the EU2200i generator, replacing the previous EU2000i model. The EU2200i is an improved version of the EU2000i, with more power, features, and reliability.

In this definitive review, we’ll look at the Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator in-depth, exploring its features, performance, and overall value. 

Whether you’re in the market for a backup power source for your home or a portable generator for your next camping trip, this Honda EU2200i review will help you determine if this generator is the right choice.

Honda Power Equipment

Honda Power Equipment, a division of Honda Motors, is the official name for the renowned Honda EU2200i generator. With a focus on outdoor power equipment instead of cars, the company offers a versatile range of products suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Among their offerings are various tools and machines to meet different needs, making them a reliable choice for those seeking quality and performance in their power equipment. Among the assortment of products available, you can find:

  • Portable generators
  • Generators
  • Lawn mowers
  • Tillers
  • Trimmers
  • Snow blowers
  • Water pumps

Company Overview

Honda Power Equipment was established in 1984, several years after the Honda Motor Company was founded in 1948. In 1953, Honda developed the first Honda engine, which was used to power their motorcycles, but they later began experimenting with creating small engines for power equipment products.

In 1973, Honda Power Equipment began producing portable generators, outboard motors, and tillers in the United States market. Two years later, in 1975, they introduced water pumps and lawnmowers to their customers.

Honda Power Equipment introduced snow blowers to the market four years after launching their lawnmowers. Today, the company is known for producing high-quality and reliable equipment, including generators, lawnmowers, tillers, snow blowers, water pumps, and more.

What Makes the New EU2200i Better than the Old Discontinued EU2000i?

Thousands of customers were thrilled with Honda’s EU2000i generator, so why did they discontinue the model? Honda improved upon their EU2000i generator to create the EU2200i. The model was launched nationwide and is even better than the previous discontinued model.

What makes the EU2200i better than the EU2000i is almost everything about it. While the EU2000i is excellent, the EU2200i can produce 10% more power and has color-coded components, a smart fuel shut-off valve, and a lower RPM. Besides these, several other features make the EU2200i better than the EU2000i, which we’ll jump into next.

Honda EU2200i Generator

The Honda EU2200i Generator is one of the latest additions to their unrivaled lineup of portable generators, and it’s quickly becoming a popular choice for residential and commercial use. 

The EU2200i is an upgrade to the popular EU2000i, with a slightly larger engine and increased wattage output. Despite its increased power, the EU2200i maintains the same compact and lightweight design as its predecessor, making it easier for users to transport and store.

Compared to other generators in Honda’s lineup, the EU2200i falls in the mid-range in terms of power output, with the EU3000iS and the EB10000 being some of Honda’s larger and more powerful generators. 

However, the EU2200i’s smaller size and lower noise output make it a popular pick for camping, outdoor activities, and residential backup power.

Honda EU2200i Features

You should consider the product’s features before purchasing a generator. Assessing the elements can help determine if the generator is right for you and your lifestyle.

Let’s look at the best features of the Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator.

Power Output

The power output is arguably the best feature of the Honda EU2200i portable generator. As mentioned, it has 10% more power than the discontinued EU2000i generator. While 10% might not seem like a lot, those who’ve used both generators see a vast difference.

It has 2,200 watts of simultaneous power, allowing users to power more than one thing simultaneously without compromising power quality. You can easily power large and small electronics and equipment with this generator.

It’s Easy To Start

Some generators are challenging to start, but not the Honda EU2200i. Even if you’ve never started a generator before, you shouldn’t have a problem with this product. It starts quickly and smoothly, thanks to the mechanical decompressor.

Durability and Reliability

The last thing anyone wants is an unreliable generator that can only last for a short time. When you need a generator to power your home due to an outage, no one wants an unreliable generator that won’t work or lasts only a few minutes.

The Honda EU2200i generator comes with the Honda GXR120 engine, built for heavy-duty uses. This engine is one of the most potent options that Honda Power Equipment produces and is one of the most reliable.

The engine is top of its class, durable, and reliable. You rarely have to worry about whether your Honda EU2200i will start and last unless it’s incredibly old or has damage for some reason, but it takes a lot to wear down this powerhouse engine.

Warranty Coverage

Whether you use this generator for commercial or residential use, the warranty is three years. Honda Power Equipment covers quite a bit under the warranty regulations for customers who purchase this generator.

The warranty lasts for three calendar years from the purchase date. The Honda EU2200i generator warranty covers the following:

  • Generator replacement if a professional can’t repair the generator
  • Parts and labor for any defects from the manufacturer
  • Dealer support who can provide technical help and warranty repairs

Before purchasing, you must know that the three-year warranty doesn’t cover any damage from user abuse, misuse, or neglect. It also doesn’t cover damage from natural disasters, accidents, or other factors outside Honda Power Equipment’s control.


The runtime is one of the best features of the Honda EU2200i generator. You can power appliances and lighting for up to eight hours with a full fuel tank. This is great for power outages when you need power to navigate your home at night.

Fuel Efficient

Using fuel-efficient generators and other products is a great way to save money while helping the environment. The Honda EU2200i is incredibly fuel efficient; as you can see from the runtime, this generator can work for up to eight hours on one tank of fuel.

To give you a better idea of how fuel efficient it is, it can last that long on less than one gallon of gas.


The Honda EU2200i generator, weighing in at 47 pounds without fuel, maybe a bit cumbersome for some to carry around. However, with the option to invest in a wheel kit, transportation becomes much more manageable.

The weight of the fuel will cause some change, but not to an excessive degree. When the fuel tank is at full capacity, the generator reaches a maximum weight of 57 pounds but typically only weighs around 53 pounds.

While 53 to 57 pounds can be considered heavy for some, the Honda EU2200i is generally recognized as a lightweight product.

Inverter Technology

Generators are great for powering larger appliances, lighting, and things of that sort, but they can sometimes be too overpowering to safely power laptops and other smaller electronics.

The Honda EU2200i comes equipped with advanced inverter technology. With this generator, you can easily power your laptops, mobile devices, and other smaller items without worrying about damaging them with too much power output.

Fuel Shut Off

Something people love about the Honda EU2200i generator is the fuel shut-off feature. This feature is perfect for those away from constantly watching the generator.

The feature will cause your generator to shut off when it has low fuel automatically. How low the fuel has to be for the generator to shut off automatically isn’t exact, but this is great for preventing mechanical issues and harsh wear and tear from running the generator without enough fuel.

Noise Level

Generators are known for being pretty noisy, but not the Honda EU2200i. The portable generator has a noise rating of only 62 dB. For those who don’t know much about noise ratings, a rating of around 60 dB is about as loud as an electric toothbrush.

That’s far less noisy than other generators on the market, so there will be noise unless you’re sitting right next to the generator, and even if you are, the noise level should be loud enough to bother you or hurt your ears.

With such a quiet noise rating, this generator is perfect to use at nighttime when you need sleep.

Honda EU2200i Technical Specifications

Assessing the technical specifications of a generator is vital before purchasing a new one. You want to ensure you get one that will suit your needs. The technical specifications of the Honda EU2200i are:

  • Engine: GXR120
  • Engine Speed: 4,000 to 4,500 pm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.95 gallons / 3.6 liters
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 12 ounces / 0.44 liters
  • Run Time per Tankful: 3.2 to 8.1 hours at the rated load.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H in inches and millimeters): 20 x 11.4 x 16.7 / 509 x 290 x 425
  • Dry Mass: 46.5 pounds / 21.1 kilograms
  • Wet Weight: 53.6 pounds / 24.04 kilograms
  • Cooling System: Forced air
  • Compression Ratio: 8:5:1
  • Starting System: Recoil
  • Ignition System: Full transistor
  • AC Output: 120V / 2,200W max
  • DC Output: 12V / 100 W
  • Displacement: 121cc
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
  • Receptacles: 20A / 120V Duplex
  • Displacement: 121cc
  • Eco Throttle®: Yes
  • Oil Alert®: Yes


While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing the Honda EU2200i generator on its own, several accessories are available for this generator to help enhance its usability and performance.


A cover is one of the best accessories for the Honda EU2200i generator. Placing a cover over the generator when it’s not in use will help protect it from weather elements, dirt, and debris. Protecting the generator will extend its lifespan, saving you money and a headache in the long run.

You can look through dozens of EU2200i covers online from various stores and brands. This way, you can get the one you like best.

Parallel Kit

The Honda EU2200i generator is a powerful option, but if you need even more power, you can purchase a parallel kit to use two EU2200i generators simultaneously. Getting a parallel kit is optional for everyone’s situation, but it’s great for powering large appliances and equipment without traditional power.

Wheel Kit

Taking the Honda EU2200i generator with you or moving it around your home is one of the best things about the product. Even though this is one of the best features, the generator can get heavy really quickly.

Investing in a wheel kit makes the heavy generator easier to move around. You can install the wheel kit around rough or smooth terrain without strenuous effort.

Cold Weather Kit

If you’ve ever tried to start a generator in cold weather, you know that it can be challenging sometimes. Investing in a cold weather kit can make starting the generator much more manageable in cold temperatures. These kits have a battery warmer and other features to ensure reliability in cold weather.

House Meter/Tachometer

The last thing anyone wants is for their generator to overheat, but it is a common problem with this product. When overheating happens, it can damage the generator and be dangerous for those around it. Purchasing an hour meter or a tachometer can help you monitor the runtime and when you need to hire someone to perform maintenance on the generator.

DC Charging Cables

If you have things that have a battery that could use charging when the power goes out, you can purchase DC charging cables for the Honda EU2200i. These cables can charge 12-volt batteries with the DC output. They’re perfect for boats, RVs, and other battery-powered equipment.

Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizers are a great accessory for anyone with a generator, especially the Honda EU2200i. This accessory will help keep the gas in the tank as fresh as possible. When the fuel is as new as possible, it can prevent the fuel system from clogging. If you want to keep your EU2200i for a long time, this is vital for long-term storage and keeping it in excellent condition.

Common Problems

Even though the Honda EU2200i is a fantastic portable generator, everything must be fixed 100% of the time. Since launching in 2018, there have been a few common issues that people experienced with the Honda EU2200i, such as:

Oil Leaks

As per a study conducted by Consumer Reports, the Honda EU2200i generator has been reported to have a common issue of oil leaks. Several users have stated that the generator is prone to oil leakage.

Additionally, the model is vulnerable to short-circuiting around salt water, which may lead to smoking and potential fire hazards, as per a notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fuel Problems

The generator is very sensitive about the fuel you use. You need to use new gas, or a high-quality gasoline stabilizer of the generator can get clogged and cause more problems.


The generator can overheat quickly if you run it for too long at one time. It’s hard to know how long it will take to overheat, so keeping an eye on it is critical. Always use it in a well-ventilated area.

Starting Issues

Some people report that the generator has problems starting. It could be a faulty spark plug, a clogged air filter, or another reason. Regular maintenance can help prevent this problem.

Exhaust Fumes

Many people state that there are strong exhaust fumes when using the generator. A clogged air filter or muffler usually causes it.

Despite the common problems, most of these issues can be prevented or fixed. Honda EU2200i users should perform regular maintenance on the generator to prevent joint problems, keep it running well, and take it to a professional whenever it needs repairs.

What Makes it So Good?

Honda’s EU2200i portable generator has a reputation for being one of the best generators on the market. Let’s explore why that is.

Improved Power

The EU2200i improved on the already-powerful EU2000i by increasing the power output by 10%. This means you get more power for the same size and weight as the generator.

Ability to Power Large Appliances

Unlike other portable generators, the Honda EU2200i can power larger appliances and equipment. This means you can power things like grills, speakers, refrigerators, air conditioners, lights, small power tools, and televisions.


Thanks to its ability to power such a wide range of products, the Honda EU2200i is a versatile generator. You can use it for tailgating, camping, or as a backup power source during a power outage at home.

Quiet Operation

The EU2200i is known for its quiet operation. At its rated load, it produces only 48-57 decibels of noise, which is about as loud as a normal conversation.

Fuel Economy

The Honda EU2200i is also fuel-efficient, with a run time of up to 8.1 hours on a single gas tank (at 25% load). This means you can enjoy more power for extended periods without stopping and refueling.


Finally, the Honda EU2200i is known for its durability. It’s made with high-quality materials and is built to last. With proper maintenance and care, this generator can last you for years.


Honda Power Equipment’s EU2200i portable inverter generator is top-of-the-line. The generator is powerful enough to power various things, is quiet, and can last for up to eight hours with one full tank.

The features of this portable generator make it well worth the money for anyone who needs a generator for outdoor activities or who lives in areas prone to severe weather and power outages. Before you enter seasons when you know you’ll need a generator, think about getting the Honda EU2200i portable generator.

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