How Long Does It Take a Power Bank to Charge?

How long does it take a power bank to charge?

The time your power bank will take to charge is determined by the battery capacity of your power bank and the charger you are using to charge it. For example, a power bank of 5000 mAh will take 2 hours 36 minutes to charge when using a charge of 2Amp, while the same power bank will take slightly over 5 hours to charge when using a 1Amp battery fully.

Generally, a heavy-duty power bank with a large battery capacity will take longer to charge than one with a smaller capacity despite the charger you are using. Electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets have become a necessity in today’s world; hence, your device cannot afford to go off on you because of power outages. Power banks, which are commonly referred to as portable chargers, are the ultimate backup plan to keep your phones and other electronic devices charged when you cannot access electronic power. However, you might have several concerns when purchasing a power bank. For example, you might wonder how long it takes for the power bank to charge fully. Read on to find out more.

How long will a power bank take to charge fully?

As mentioned above, different power banks will take a different amount of time to fully charge depending on the battery capacity of the power bank and the charger you are using. Additionally, portable charges with larger capacities will generally take longer hours to charge than those with smaller capacities. When using a wall charger with a higher Amp, your power bank will take significantly less time to charge fully.

For example, when charging a 20,000 mAh power bank will take approximately over 20 hours when using a wall charger of 1Amp while the same charger will take 2 hours 36 minutes to charge a power bank with 2500mAh. Furthermore, other than the rate at which your wall charger supplies current to your power bank, the amount of charge in your bank while plugging it in will also determine the time it will take to be completely charged.

Different power banks and how long they take to charge

Power bank battery capacity in mAh20,00015,00010,0008,0006,0005,0002,500
1Amp charger20 hours 42 minutes15 and a half hours10 hours 24 minutes8 hours 18 minutes6 hours 12 minutes5 hours 12 minutes2 hours 36 minutes
2Amp charger10 hours 24 minutes7 hours 48 minutes5 hours 12 minutes4 hours 6 minutes3 hours 6 minutes2 hours 36 minutes1 hour 18 minutes
The charger of PD 15W6 hours 54 minutesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Furthermore, the charging method you will use to charge your power bank will determine the time it will take to charge fully. You can either charge your power bank with a charging cable, a wall plug, or another power bank. All these will affect the charging time of your power bank depending on the current they output.

How long will my power bank last?

The lifespan of your power bank is dependent on a couple of factors, including; the quality of your power bank and how often you use it and charge it. The charging and discharging cycles of your portable charger are decided by several vital components of the device, including its battery core, and this varies amongst different devices.

Most power banks’ charging and discharging cycles range between 300 to 1000 cycles. Power banks with a longer lifespan often offer more than 500 charge cycles. Additionally, if you want your power bank to have a longer lifespan and perform well, charge it up to at least 80% once in three months and discharge up to 20% if it has a larger capacity.

How many times will the power bank charge my phone?

The number of times your power bank will take to charge your battery is also dependent on the power bank’s battery capacity as well as the capacity of your phone. Basically, the battery rating of your power bank is the least amount of current and voltage it can accept and output, respectively. Therefore, if it is rated high, then it will offer you many charge cycles before you have to recharge it.


To conclude, the amount of time your power bank will take to charge is dependent on its battery capacity, the charger you are using, and the mode of charging. Generally, chargers with a high Amp rating will take less time to charge your power bank compared to the ones with a lower rating. Additionally, a power bank with a large battery capacity will take a longer time to charge than one with a smaller capacity despite the charger you are using.

Though power banks with larger capacities will take longer to recharge, they will offer you more times of charge cycles than ones with smaller capacities. This means you will use them for a long time before recharging them. Additionally, these power banks generally have a longer lifespan than those with a lower capacity rating.


How will I know when my power bank is fully charged?

This depends on the type of power bank; however, when all four red lights light up in most power banks, it indicates that they are fully charged.

Will my power bank stop charging automatically when full?

Yes, quality power banks will stop charging when full as the voltage will be automatically turned off, meaning it won’t continue to receive any charge.

How can I charge my phone via the power bank when it is charging?

No, it is not advisable to charge your phone using your power bank when it is charging as this will risk your phone battery damaging. However, if you have no option and your power bank has a pass-through function, you can charge your phone while it is charging, as this lowers the risk of damaging your phone battery.

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