5 Quietest Generators for RV, Camping and Home

Imagine a peaceful camping trip or a relaxing evening at home, only to be disturbed by the deafening noise of your power generator. It’s time to say goodbye to those noisy machines and embrace modern technology with the five quietest generators for RVs, camping, and homes. With reduced noise pollution, better fuel efficiency, reliability, and … Read more

Wen Generator Reviews 2023

WEN Generators Review WEN is a company well-known for its high-quality, durable power generation products, and in this article, we’ll review five of the top-rated WEN generators. These generators may all have a recognizable black and orange design, but they differ in distinct ways that are suitable for a wide variety of jobs. This WEN … Read more

VTOMAN JUMP 1000 Review: Everything You Need To Know

The VTOMAN JUMP 1000 power station is a portable power supply unit suitable for various uses, including camping, outdoor activities, and emergency backup power. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for those who need a reliable power source while traveling or living outdoors. This article aims to present … Read more

Anker Powerhouse 767: Definitive Review

The Anker Powerhouse 767 is a portable power station that provides reliable and efficient power for various devices, including smartphones, laptops, and small appliances. With a capacity of 2,048Wh / 2,400W, the device promises to keep your devices charged and ready for extended periods, whether camping, traveling, or facing a power outage. In this Anker … Read more

What Is an Inverter Generator & How Does It Work

Are you tired of conventional generators’ noise, inefficiency, and unstable power output? Fortunately, there’s something called an inverter generator. But what exactly is an inverter generator, and how does it work? In this article, we’ll explore how inverter generators work differently than traditional generators, their technology, and their advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, we’ll provide a … Read more

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro: Really as Good as Advertised?

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Honda EU2200i Review

honda eu2200i

Power outages can happen unexpectedly, leaving you in the dark and without electricity. A reliable backup power source can make all the difference in these situations. That’s where generators come in.  Among the many generator options on the market today, the Honda EU2200i stands out for its compact size, quiet operation, and impressive power output. … Read more

The Best Dual Fuel Generators of 2023

Do you live in an area that frequently experiences power outages? While some may think they can survive without electricity, modern life heavily relies on it. From refrigerators to computers, a power outage can lead to food spoilage and disrupted routines. This is where a generator comes in as a lifesaver, specifically a dual fuel … Read more

Can You Run A Generator In The Rain & Can It Get Wet?

The short answer is “yes,” but doing so without protection is asking for trouble. It should be fine if you run your generator in the rain for short times and infrequently. The danger of premature corrosion, however, is in the elements your generator gets exposed to when it is not running. The following is all … Read more